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Interior Painting

Interior Painting Services Astoria, NY When it comes to interior spaces, the walls are one of its most prominent features. Wall surfaces that are without any flaws and painted well don't always attract attention. They support the aesthetics of the room and enhance the appeal and attractiveness of various other features in that space. However, if your walls have cracks, stains, or are looking dull and old, they will immediately attract attention.

One of the simplest home improvement upgrades in commercial redesigning projects is interior painting. This job requires expertise, skill, and knowledge about different types of paint products and finishes, which is why you need experienced professionals for the job. Interior Painting Specialists

We at Brushed Interiors are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals that offer the best interior painting services. Our company has been in existence for more than 12 years. In this time, we have handled a significant number of interior painting projects throughout New York. We focus on aspects such as quality and reliability and make sure that every job is completed to client expectations.

High-Quality House Painting Services

We are the interior house painters that utilize high-grade paints and finishes, which help to ensure solid finishes, attractive colors, and long-lasting results. On our team are highly experienced painters that make sure every surface is finished correctly and painted expertly. Whether you need to uplift the look of your living room or want a unique textured wall in your master bedroom, we are here to help.

Expert Interior Commercial Painting Solutions

Creating stunning spaces is something that we have vast expertise in. Over the years, our company has handled a significant number of commercial painting projects as well. The interior areas of any commercial property, be it retail spaces, office buildings, or a shopping mall, need to be painted with good quality paints. We understand that commercial projects are very different from residential ones, which is why we always adopt a customized approach in all our work.

Our team makes sure that they have a clear understanding of the ambiance and effect you want to create in your commercial space and will also provide their inputs. When we are handling this job, we make sure that the interior painting on your commercial property is completed with the least amount of disruption. We also accommodate requests such as working after business hours; we will complete the painting work without any disturbance to the workings on your property.

Cost-Effective Interior Painting Services

We are committed to providing our clients value for money and make sure that only the best quality paints and other products are used in the project. Our services aren't restricted only to painting as we can also repair tape and texture drywall surfaces. It is an essential aspect of the job specially if there are any damages to or deterioration in the walls.

We know that our clients will settle for nothing but the best solutions. Our team strives to provide top-notch services at the most competitive interior wall painting cost. For any more information about our interior house painting services, feel free to call Brushed Interiors at 347-600-5004. You can also send us your project details through this Contact Us form, and we will connect with you shortly.

The gloss level affects the perception of color. Flat paints (and textured walls) absorb light, so colors seem darker. Glossy paints and smooth surfaces reflect, so colors look brighter. The degree of glossiness may differ from one manufacturer to another.


Flat finishes hide imperfections well. But they’re not the most stain-resistant, so they’re best in a decorative setting such as a formal living room, dining room, or other space that doesn’t see heavy use.

Low luster

Often called eggshell or satin, these finishes have a slight sheen. Use them only on smooth, well-prepared surfaces, since their shine can accentuate imperfections on the wall. Low-luster paints are best for family rooms, kids’ rooms, hallways, and the like. Some might change sheen when scrubbed.


Shinier still, these paints are formulated to stand up to water and scrubbing. They’re generally the easiest to clean, so they’re ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls, windowsills, and other woodwork. Like low-luster paints, semigloss paints require a smooth, well-prepared surface with few imperfections. Some semigloss paints might change sheen when scrubbed.

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