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Painting Contractor in Brooklyn, NY

Painting Contractor Brooklyn, NY When it comes to the beauty of any commercial or residential structure, many different aspects come into play including the wall paint. Regardless of how stunning and elegant all the other installations and features are, if your walls do not have the right color and textures, it can affect the appeal of the other decor and features in that space. From this point of view, it is necessary to ensure that you hire an experienced and expert contractor in Brooklyn, New York.

Customized Painting Solutions

We at Brushed Interiors are one of the leading companies in this industry and have been operating in the space for over 12 years. In this duration, we have handled a variety of projects for commercial and residential painting clients. Our team of painters in Brooklyn, New York, are handpicked for their skills and expertise in various aspects of painting. Regardless of whether you want interior or exterior painting done, we are the company to call.

Not only do we provide start-to-end painting services but also work with you and provide color consultations. This detailed approach helps you get the type of wall colors, finishes, and textures that will up the appeal of your property while meeting your requirements and budget.

Choosing a Paint Contractor in Brooklyn, NY

We understand that each client will have specific requirements. Also, commercial spaces have quite different needs from residential ones. In many cases, commercial clients want us to include their brand colors so that their building reflects their corporate culture.

We are more than happy to accommodate all these requests, and it's one of the things that sets us apart from any other operators in this industry. When you are looking for a paint contractor in Brooklyn, NY, there are various aspects that you need to keep in view.

You need the services of a company that would be able to handle all types of painting works on your property. It means that you need an experienced and reputable paint contractor in Brooklyn, New York, like us.

Color Consultations

While it isn't challenging to find a company that would be able to handle your residential or commercial painting project, very few have the unique skills we do. In addition to being a paint contractor in Brooklyn, New York, we are also interior designers, which sets us above other companies in the region.

We can help our clients not just with the painting but with design inputs and ideas to help them pick the perfect color themes. Besides color consultation services, our knowledge of interior design and experience in this space goes a long way in helping you create the right aesthetic on your property.

High-Grade Painting Services

We use high-grade, non-toxic paints in our work. It means you never have to worry about any pollutants in the interior spaces after the paintwork is complete. When we are painting exterior walls and installations, we use exterior grade, dust-free, and UV-resistant paints.

This helps improve the resilience of the exterior walls while lending them an attractive look, keeping your building or house looking fabulous always. If you want a skilled and experienced interior painting contractor in Brooklyn, New York, contact Brushed Interiors at 347-600-5004.

You can get a free estimate or send us your queries through this Online Form, and we will get back to you within a short time.

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