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Wall Paper Installation & Removal

Wallpaper Services Astoria, NY The walls in your residential or commercial property are the backdrop of the other installation and features there. It means their condition and appearance have an impact on the ambiance of your property. Even if you have the most classic elements in the interior areas, if the walls are damaged or deteriorated, it will affect the aesthetics of the space.

We offer excellent interior painting solutions to commercial as well as residential clients. However, many of our customers also request for wallpaper installations. Today, there is an impressive variety of wallpaper products on the market. You can choose from a range of textures, colors, designs, styles, materials, and effects. As part of our array of services, we also offer the best wallpaper installation services.

Wallpapers for Interiors Spaces

We at Brushed Interiors are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals that offer custom wallpaper installation services. Our company has been in existence for more than 12 years. In this time, we have handled a significant number of wallpaper removal and installation projects throughout New York. We focus on aspects such as quality and reliability and make sure that every job is completed to client expectations.

While we do handle wallpaper installations, we are also interior designers. It means that we bring more to the project than just our wallpaper installation skills. Our team will have detailed discussions with you to understand the kind of aesthetic you want to create in the interior spaces of your property. Based on these discussions, they will tell you which colors and designs or patterns of wallpapers would be best suited for your home or commercial space.

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Services

We complete wallpaper installation to the highest industry standards. However, as experts in the field, we also know that wall preparation is a crucial aspect of this job. If you have paint on your existing walls and want these surfaces wallpapered, we will make sure that the wall preparation is done correctly.

In case you want to replace your current wall coverings, we also offer reliable and efficient wallpaper stripping solutions. This work will be completed methodically, and we remove the older wallpaper from the surfaces. The necessary surface preparation is the next step before the new wallpaper installation.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

As mentioned earlier, today, there is a wide variety of wallpaper products that you can choose from. Our experts will show you various samples and give you all the information you need about the pros and cons of these products. You can select from wallpapers made of:

  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Grasscloth
  • Paper-backed vinyl
  • Other

Cost-Effective Wallpaper Installations

Each of these products has specific characteristics and qualities, and we will make sure that you have complete information about these before you make your choice. Our team will provide their advice and inputs and make sure that the suggestions and recommendations are in line with your needs. We can offer you the best solutions within reasonable wallpaper installation and removal costs.

For any more information about our wallpapering services, feel free to call Brushed Interiors at 347-600-5004. You can also send us your project details through this Contact Us form, and we will connect with you shortly.

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